My Services


Individual sessions are available for anyone wanting to discuss any issues or concerns they are having in their life either past, present or future. Each session is tailored to the individual on the day. Working collaboratively with the client, we will identify, plan and engage in tools which can assist in moving toward a lifestyle of positive coping mechanisms and strategies to tackle any life stressors. 


Do you enjoy being outside and just find peace in the elements? Wanting to be more physically active? Wanting a more relaxed setting for therapy sessions? Walk and talk therapy may be an option for you. Instead of sitting in an office there is an option to take the therapy session outdoors. I have chosen a couple of places which can accommodate just about every person. There are places for privacy and the advantage of fresh air to help sooth and decrease any unease. Walking at the individuals desired pace and location on the day. 


If it is difficult for you to access my office facility or you are more comfortable speaking on the phone or using Skype then online therapy may be best suited for you. You can expect the same dedication and care taken in an online session as if it were face-to-face. Compassion, empathy and providing space are at the core of my counselling practice. Using technology to accommodate where possible and removing any barriers to provide the greatest opportunity to be heard, accepted and encouraged while going through any life events or stressors. 


In learning how to practice mindfulness and meditation you can enhance the perception of yourself, others and the world around you providing a fantastic tool that can be used any place and at any time for a multitude of issues. Learning to be present can decrease stress and provide clarification of many of our thoughts, emotions, interpretations, expectations and desires. Implementing this during any counselling session can be useful to facilitate the progress and improve the effectiveness of the sessions. 


Whether you are new or established family, there may be concerns or discord in daily life and identifying these can often be difficult and often seem impossible to address. In utilising multiple therapy strategies it is possible to identify and discuss concerns which may be present or causing stress within the family unit. Having an unbiased facilitator to assist in discovery and exploration of such issues can allow a safe space to engage without judgement or expectation.