Your Emotional

I am a qualified counsellor that believes in working collaboratively with my clients.

I firmly believe that you are the expert in your own life and tailor my service to best suit your needs. 

I'm here to provide the tools and strategies that can be used in everyday life.

I use a range of therapies including:

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT),

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Interpersonal Therapy (IPT)

Narrative Therapy

Mindfulness and guided meditation. 

Providing therapy for:




Grief and Loss



Sleep Issues

Survivors of Abuse

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Asher Neate

I have worked as a registered counsellor in private practice and have achieved a variety of experience. I am interested in all areas of mental health with a particular focus on anxiety, depression and everyday stress. 

I work collaboratively with clients to identify their strengths, and help them to utilitise those strengths to manoeuvre through difficult times in life, discover and achieve life goals and improve overall wellbeing. 

 I can relate to people from a variety of backgrounds drawing on both my education and own life experiences. 


Therapy sessions are designed to what works best for the individual.  Often that means face-to-face in my office in Goolwa.  If accessibility is a barrier for you, sessions can be provided via Skype or phone calls. The flexibility of this ensures you are able to access the service while staying in the comfort of your own home, when away on holidays or wherever you may be. 
We'll work on identifying any difficulties present, establishing goals and then implementing a plan and tools necessary.


I offer walk and talk therapy, where appropriate, to individuals who would prefer to be outdoors rather than in an office to conduct their session. Incorporating the benefits of both therapy and physical activity to promote good health. Here in Goolwa, there are many great outdoor locations which are perfect for Walk and Talk Therapy, such as the Goolwa Beach or the walking path along Liverpool Street in Goolwa North. I have selected these locations as there are multiple areas available for added privacy, toileting facilities and enough space to ensure confidentiality when talking. As with a face-to-face session, everything discussed in the session is kept confidential.



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